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Membership Application Form

[ARSC Membership Application Form]

To: ARSC Secretariat
METS Research & Planning, Inc.,

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I hereby observe the Charter of the Applied Regional Science Conference, and apply for its membership.

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Fields of interests (Choose at least one from the codes provided on the next frame for each item.)

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Keywords (Give a few keywords that represent your research fields.):

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The information provided above is correct to my knowledge.

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Code Table for the Fields of Research (Rev. Oct. 1994)

(1)Issue Orientation(2)Methodological Orientation
1-A Migration and Mobility2-AMethodology and Phylosophy
1-BPopulation2-BLocation Theory
1-CEmployment2-CInput-Output Analysis
1-DHouseholds and Housing Market2-DMulti/Interregional Modeling
1-ELabor and Labor Market2-ESpatial Data Analysis
1-FRetailing and Services2-FSpatial Dynamics
1-GIndustry2-GSpatial Choice Behavior
1-HAgriculture2-HEnvironmental Modeling
1-JLand Use2-J Other Theoretical or
Methodological Topics
1-KSmall Firms
1-LLarge Firms and Transnationals(3)Mode of Analysis
1-MPlanning Organizations3-ADescriptive/Inventory
1-NRegional Development3-BExploratory
1-OMetropolitan Areas3-CExplanatory
1-PNon-Metropolitan Areas3-DForecasting
1-QEuropean Integration3-ENormative/Policy
1-RTrade Economics
1-STransportation and Travels(4)Regional Focus
1-TRecreation and Tourism4-ANorth America
1-UTechnical Innovations4-BLatin America
1-VEcological Issues4-CEurope
1-XOther Issue-Oriented Topics4-EAfrica